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For Media & Advertisement
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  • Builder
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In the Media and Advertising Industry, we understand you face a wide range of decisions in your business. How big is the market? Which companies and projects have the biggest marketing need that you can assist? Learn how our services can help you develop better strategic and tactical sales and marketing plans that both manage your risks and realize your opportunities.

Manage Risk Find Opportunities
  • Allocate your sales team efforts to those areas of greatest opportunity.
  • Motivate and enable your sales team by creating more meaningful sales targets based on comprehensive and timely market information.
  • Prepare your sales teams with market information and a real understanding of advertiser needs that build better client relationships and generate superior sales results.
  • Get ahead of your competition and identify Builder market opportunities in upcoming and unsold projects.
  • Develop overall strategies and client centric plans based on timely, comprehensive market information.
  • Monitor sales performance of competing advertisers and have more meaningful communications.
  • Better equip sales staff to achieve sales targets with less time and costs.
Connected Action
Use REALNET® to find the Builders, Investors, Brokers and other key people you should really be talking to and build the company relationships you need to help manage your risk and unlock your opportunities.