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As a Lender, we understand you face a wide range of decisions in your business. Learn how our services can help you develop business, measure market potential, analyze your competition and monitor your asset performance.

Manage Risk Find Opportunities
  • Don’t miss a key detail in valuation and underwriting.
  • Assess all borrower activities through comprehensive profiling.
  • Negotiate better deal terms and structures.
  • Understand the details of all relevant transactions in the property market with total anonymity.
  • Don’t be surprised by what or how your competition is doing.
  • Identify and understand emerging market trends in both the commercial real estate and housing markets using comprehensive, integrated and unbiased information.
  • Find new opportunities and relationships by mining the largest commercial property database in Canada.
  • Improve your response time and reduce your operating costs in underwriting, reporting and client service.
  • Give your people the best tools and maximize the potential of your human capital.
Connected Action
Use REALNET®’s comprehensive database and powerful tools to connect with the Brokers, Builders, Owners and Investors you need to implement your plans.