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For The Broker
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As a Broker, we understand that while your efforts may get applauded it is your results that get compensated. You face a wide range of decisions in your business. Learn how our services can help you measure market potential, generate marketing materials, obtain new sales, monitor clients for future work and benchmark against your competition.

Manage Risk Find Opportunities
  • Identify Emerging Market trends consistently.
  • Don’t miss a key detail in valuation and underwriting.
  • Negotiate better deal terms and structures.
  • Don’t miss a key buyer.
  • Don’t lose a mandate.
  • Don’t get left behind.
  • Strategically market your listings to qualified buyers.
  • Maximize price and find the right fit buyer using strategic Purchaser profiling.
  • Find new opportunities and relationships by “Mining” the largest commercial property database in Canada.
  • Take your capabilities to the next level.
  • Constantly grow your competitive advantage.
  • Make your Clients raving fans and grow your referral business.
Connected Action
Find who you should really be talking to by searching REALNET® for any property type in the markets you are interested in. We can help you connect with the right Investors, Lenders, Owners and other people to realize your new opportunities.